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The best way to have Chessbase on your MacBook

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FA Stanley Gómez Huertas

If you are in the chess world, the ChessBase tool is vital, whether as a player or instructor, there simply is nothing that matches its multiple functions. The good news, for users of MacOS systems, is that we can now run our favorite software on those computers as well. Although it is true, there were already options such as making disk partitions or virtual machines, all of them have their pros and cons that do not convince, at least not me.

So imagine having your ChessBase in your doc, running as if it were a native program, without having to install another operating system or sacrifice RAM in the process. Well, now it is possible thanks to CrossOver, a software based on the WINE project, very popular on platforms like Linux, and that allows us to do what I told you a moment ago.

The first thing I recommend is to download CrossOver for Mac (and get familiar with its use). To understand us better, in the words of a computer amateur like me, what these programs do is create a space on your laptop (they are called bottles) where this software recreates the Windows folders so that when you install the program on your Macbook, the software find the folders you normally look for to install in windows. As of today there are hundreds of programs that you can run on Linux or MacOS in this way.

The steps are the following:

1) Go to the ChessBase page and buy the program. I did the installation with my "old" ChessBase12, I haven´t made it work with version 15, whose reviews are very good.

2) Then you have to go to the official CrossOver page and download and install the option for MacBook ( https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac). You will have 14 days free to use the program so it costs nothing to try.

3) Now when using it you will see that this program installs Windows software in four easy steps:

a) Select application (in our case we will choose the “Application not listed” option).

b) Select installer.

c) Select bottle (the program defaults to various library settings ("bottles") for windows programs, from Windows 7 to 10).

d) Install and finish.

4) What we will do is follow those four steps. We are going to select application, then we look for our ChessBase installation file, we select the bottle (we are going to use the one for windows 10) and finally we tell it to install and finish.

The above will open an installation menu equal to those found in windows and at the end of the installation we already have our program ready. What is missing is to open it, use our activation code and if you want, drag the icon from your launchpad to your doc to have direct access as with any other program on your MacBook. Very important, when you go to install your Megadatabase or any ChessBase product, remember to do it in the same bottle where you have the software installed.

Life on MacBook will certainly be easier now!

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